So, This Is How They Spend Their Money

Just imagine how McCain/Palin would spend our tax dollars. Maybe on her kids? After all, the state of Alaska has been doing it since she became governor, why not the rest of the country?

All snark aside, this is really depressing. How are we supposed to take Sarah Palin seriously as a candidate when her very party doesn't seem to view her as anything more than Caribou Barbie? Do they really think that all it takes for a woman to be taken seriously is the right designer wardrobe and an ability to read from a teleprompter and/or memorize lines? Is this all a woman needs to do to be taken seriously?


Tracy said…
You know, when we were talking about running for office last night, I really did think that Indian/African/Jewish thing would be an impediment, and was less than enthusiastic. Now, I've totally changed my mind! But I'm not sharing the $150K with you, you have to get your own.
Judy said…
I read someone talking about how since women are judged so much by their appearance, this was a fair expenditure. I get the point, but still don't like it.

I also read that in one of her appearances (maybe at the convention) she was wearing a $2500 Valentino jacket. We're supposed to be buying this line that she is a real mom, someone just like us, right? Well, we bought the van we currently drive in May 2006. You know what we paid for it? $2,700. So, that "real mom, just one of us" has a designer jacket worth as much as my car! Yep, I can TOTALLY relate.
alimum said…
I also understand the argument that since women are judged by their appearance, this expenditure isn't as unacceptable as it sounds.

However, anyone can tell you that it doesn't have to be that expensive to dress for success. The Valentino jacket wouldn't bother me if it was one item that she added to her collection of suits and slacks--that is what all the "shop on a budget" articles tell you to do, to be Sharon Stone and buy one or two designer pieces to mix n with the less expensive stuff (I assume that, as governor of Alaska, she had some appropriate clothes of her own, as did her husband and children). What bothers me is that the RNC outfitted the whole family in expensive clothes without even trying to save money (why are all these expenditures at places like Saks and Barney's? Has no one in the Republican Party heard of Gap, Target, or, even, Macy's?) and didn't seem to try to rein in spending (seven year old Piper does not need a Louis Vuitton bag).

While this does fit in with the larger meme that Sarah Palin seems to have no difficulty spending taxpayers money on herself, I don't actually hold Sarah Palin responsible for this. I think it seems obvious that the people who make decisions at the RNC understand the retail realities of most Americans about as much as their presidential candidate understand the realities of health insurance and health care for most Americans. When you always pay the retail price and always shop at high end stores, it is hard to remember that most people have a budget and buy on sale.

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