Hardcore Geek Love

I have been known to geek out hard over books, television shows, musicians, etc. However, as much as I may love Doctor Who and Roddy Frame, it never even occurred to me to get a tattoo of a TARDIS or song lyrics. Clearly, some Twilight fans are way more punk rock in their love than I could ever be.

This sort of thing makes me think I should try to read those books so I can see what all the fuss is about. I find it impossible to believe they are worthy of this.

So now, after all this, I can't get the refrain "in the shadow, boy meets man" out of my head.


Judy said…
Oh, wow, that is frighteningly hardcore. How many of them are going to regret that in a year?

I've read all 4 books, and while they were fun (if poorly written), and did help make me feel like a 12-year-old girl again, they were certainly not tattoo worthy. Crazy.

But I say this as someone who wants a tattoo but can't decide what I want to get and is seriously considering simply getting the number 42 on my hip.

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