Sometimes I Have A Lot I Want To Say

But the problem is that I know it will result in me spending many hours typing, reading, editing, thinking of more stuff I failed to mention, and so on. So I put off writing what I want to write about until I have time. Except that I get busy with life and, before I know it, the idea has developed a gravitational force and tons of other things glom onto it, turning what was a speck of dust into a topic the size of Saturn (complete with rings). Then I can't write because I have no idea how to start something which I know will be massive. And I can't write little things because the big thing just squats in my brain, like an enormous toad. I get cranky because I know it will be nowhere near as profound as it is in my imagination. Before I know it, the procrastination alone has sucked hours from my life and it is time for me to consider going to sleep because, I tell myself, I have all this stuff that I really will write tomorrow. I promise.


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