What'choo Talking About?

A few months back, when it was announced that the Sears Tower had been sold and would be renamed the Willis Tower, some were all aflutter at the idea of calling the former World's Tallest Building by any other name, while others (well, me) made the inevitable Diff'rent Strokes references (i.e. "at least they aren't asking us to call it The Gooch"), as Todd Bridges is the one, true Willis in our hearts. However, it seems a name change was nothing compared to other changes the new owners had in store for us.

Glass ledges! The pictures alone make my heart race.


Judy said…
I got a little panic stricken at the thought. I don't know if I could do it. Certainly not standing - on hands and knees maybe. (I have no idea why that feels safer.)

Weren't there studies done on babies crawling, and how they wouldn't crawl over plexiglass for fear of falling? And yet we build something 1/4 mile up in the sky for adults to walk on?

But I bet the view is awesome.

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