What Could Make Me Excited About Bilbo Baggins?

Previous to today, I may have said nothing.

Despite my love for The Lord of the Rings, I never managed to finish reading The Hobbit. This is mostly because I just couldn't get invested in the story and I blame this on Bilbo being a far less interesting character than Frodo (of course, I haven't even tried to read The Hobbit since I was eleven, and back then, I didn't talk about stuff like characters, I just found the book boring). And because I felt this way, I couldn't get excited by the prospect of Peter Jackson adapting The Hobbit for the screen. I mean, sure, maybe I'd get around to seeing it eventually, but I didn't imagine I'd be shelling out cash to see it opening weekend in the theatres.

I know, this is blasphemy. Yes, go ahead, pelt me with criticism. Tell me I am not embracing the grand mastery of Tolkein's vision and you will report me to the proper authorities so that they may strip me of any and all claims I may have to science fiction/fantasy geekdom.

So, given these feelings, what could possibly make me suddenly very interested in the plans for this film adaptation?

Doctor Who's David Tennant Tipped To Play Bilbo Baggins

Of course, it is all just speculation and probably won't happen. But now I am thinking of The Hobbit and, because I am thinking about it, I am considering giving the book another chance.


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