Monday, January 08, 2007


After The Ball tagged me for this meme.

The rules:
List 6 weird things about you. Tag and list 6 others. Tell the 6 in their comments.

Okay, can I start by saying that I don't actually think I am all that weird? I think I am aggressively normal, really. Everyone is just like me. Nothing to see here. Except I then start telling people things and I see their eyes widen, slightly, and realize that even if I think I am normal, they don't. So here are six things about me which may or not be weird, since I am not necessarily the best judge of these things.
  1. While I don't know how many black dresses I own (since I forget about some dresses which are at the cleaners or my mom's house only to remember them later) I own a lot. I definitely own over forty black dresses. I can remember how I acquired each and every one of them and, for the majority of them, how much I paid and the significant events which occurred in my life while I was wearing them.
  2. I am very particular about the silverware I eat with. I like small spoons and large forks for almost everything. Maybe I can eat salad or dessert with a small fork or soup with a large spoon, but I do so under protest and only if the silverware as a whole is unfamiliar to me. I will wash forks and spoons if necessary.
  3. Everything on the left side of my body is larger than on the right. My right eye, hand, foot, breast are all smaller than my left. I'll bet if we opened me up, we would find my right kidney and lung dwarfed by the corresponding organs on the left side. I am the only one who notices this.
  4. I chew my hair when I am thinking. Also when I am worried or nervous.
  5. I develop intense crushes on obscure actors and musicians (or rather, actors and musicians I perceive as obscure) and am shocked when I find out (via the internet) that other people may feel the same.
  6. I have an overactive imagination. It sometimes makes life difficult. Like the time I had to stop swimming laps because I became worried a deep earth monster would break through the concrete at the deep end of the pool. People think I really like stuffed animals when the reality is I am afraid they will exact their vengeance upon me (while I am sleeping) if I do something disrespectful like put them in storage (but Kim feels the same, so how weird can this be?) I can't even see a commercial for a horror film without having nightmares.
Okay, so maybe I didn't quite get the point of this exercise. I think I was probably supposed to think of the light and goofy quirks about me, not the things which cause my mother to suggest I need to talk to a medical professional about my obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety. Anyway, I tag- One Weird Mother, Stuntmother, the Kitchener Bitch, Knuknitter, Judy's Journeys, and e-Lah



Blogger Judy said...

Oh, well, I am going to have to think about this one. Weird things about me that I'm not afraid to post on the internet might be tougher than it seems.

And either you're not that weird, or I'm weird too, because I do a couple of those. (I got over chewing on my hair, but I still sometimes fear ridiculous impossible things happening).

4:46 PM, January 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so totally get you on #2.

However, I think the weirdest thing you said was that you are aggressively normal. No I don't mean weird, as in you are weird or not being completely honest. I think actually that is typically the truth: that we are all pretty normal with a few quirks. However, everyone I know likes to think of themselves as totally weird. Including me. LOL

9:42 PM, January 09, 2007  
Blogger alimum said...

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10:23 PM, January 09, 2007  
Blogger alimum said...

See, the thing about those words "weird" and "crazy" is that while we want to think we are all unique individuals (and we are), we don't really want to diverge too much from the norm. Also, the really "weird" things about me are probably things I don't recognize as such, things which I really believe to be universal. Or things I don't even know about myself. For example, I just heard an interview with the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand and he says he frowns when he is eating, especially if he is really enjoying his food, and he didn't know this about himself until he as told this by his bandmates--now, if you think about it, that is weird and I probably have lots of quirks like that which I don't know about. But in truth, I am like everyone else, I like to think I am a strange girl.

10:27 PM, January 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have spoon issues too. Namely, I hate any spoon bigger than a teaspoon. I gag. lol

5:19 AM, January 10, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so behind! I will try to think of six weird things tomorrow! Yikes -- can being incredibly tardy with memes be aone weird thing!

8:27 PM, January 16, 2007  

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