$490,800 to Denounce a Bill Condemning Child Slavery

Why are private citizens feeling the need to make videos like the one I embedded above? Where is the press and where is this alleged media bias for Obama? Instead of looking at all Hillary Clinton's bogus claims of experience, like how she claims she helped bring peace to Northern Ireland over tea and how she claims she helped pass the Family Medical Leave Act while First Lady, or talking about how it wasn't Barack Obama's campaign who reached out to the Canadian government to tell them the threats re: NAFTA were empty, they report on a now fired Obama advisor's comments .

One of the things I find frustrating is how Hillary Clinton accuses Barack Obama of being substance free, claims that we can trust her and that she has so much experience, but will not release her tax returns or documents which would back up her claims. It certainly looks as if she has something to hide. I know, she says she will release all of that as soon as she is the nominee, but why not do it now? I mean, if there isn't anything in that mountain of paperwork for the Republicans to misrepresent, there won't be anything for the Obama campaign to quibble over, right?

I think there are two possibilities as to why she hasn't released her documents.

1) She has something to hide. The above video provides ample evidence that she is beholden to a lot of interests, and that is just what we know about. This possibility scares me because it means the Republicans will be able to use these papers against her if she is the nominee.

2) This is a huge plot on the part of her campaign. By constantly putting off releasing the documents, she gets the press and Obama to hound her about the tax returns and then they release them at the last minute to reveal there is absolutely nothing illegal or unethical in the family finances. She looks like a martyr (“I said all along that there was nothing to worry about, but you refused to believe me”), the press and Obama look like villains, her campaign spins it for all it is worth (“maybe the reason Obama is so suspicious is because of stuff he is hiding…if the press hadn’t wasted everyone’s time going after poor Hillary and investigating Obama, what might they have found?”) AND Pennsylvania votes while the story is hot. Obviously this possibility scares me because this sort of thing has absolutely nothing to do with whether someone is qualified to be president or not and everything to do with drama and spin.

It isn't unfair to demand that our candidates be fully vetted and we shouldn't be asked to take a candidate's word that he or she is. The reason I believe Barack Obama is fully vetted is because he has been running against Hillary Clinton and if he did have any skeletons, her campaign would have found them and revealed them already. Unfortunately, because of the type of politician Barack Obama is, because the press is being soft on Hillary Clinton (for fear of being called biased against her) and because her campaign won't release her papers, I don't have any evidence that all the Clinton scandals are part of the past, no matter what she tells us we should believe.


Anonymous said…
Mentioned in your blog, Lush, Milan Kundera and more by a fellow Obama supporter? you got yourself a blog stalker, lady :D

signed, Daniella
Lydia Netzer said…
I get the point, but I just feel like the "Look who supported his/her campaign" argument is kind of boring. Very much like the "Look who his church gave an award to" or "Look who he shook hands with 15 years ago" argument.

The campaign should be about the plan, the issues, the future.

It's also all pretty much moot -- he's going to be nominated and the republicans have already started dragging their cannons into position. Fighting over getting her to release documents at this point is rather silly.

Respectfully of course. ;D You know I lova ya.
alimum said…
Welcome Daniella!

LC--Of course, you know I love having discussions like this and heart you right back!

I totally agree that this race is about the future and policies. however, I disagree that who gives money to candidates (and who the candidates may be beholden) is irrelevent in that discussion.

I don't think the primary is over yet and I actually feel Obama has a huge mountain to climb. I don't think the Republicans need to set their cannons up just yet because Hillary Clinton has been doing their job for them (and I can't see why she would be doing so much damage unless she is still running for the nomination and expects a way to win it--otherwise, she is just harming the party's chances in the general election out of sour grapes, which I would hope is NOT the case).

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