Friday, April 16, 2010

Already Yesterday

Deep down, I am still a goofy, awkward, giddy 16 year old girl who can't keep her cool and who, when in the presence of certain rock stars, has to fight the nearly overpowering urge to squeal.

So I saw The Church earlier tonight (well, actually, it was technically yesterday, though I tend to use blocks of sleep, as opposed to clocks and calendars, as lines of demarcation between yesterday and today. So now you see one of the reasons I posted the video I did. The other reasons are that they played it at the show and all the footage of the Aborigines is a bit, um, odd. It makes me think of how much our perceptions have changed since the 80s, of Modern Primitives, of how we all took anthropology with Gail Kelly, but not all of us ended up anthropology majors). I can say something offhand like the show was great, go see them when they come to your town if they haven't already. But that hardly explains all the levels on which the show was great for me. Because once a group has passed into that multiple concerts over many years realm of my experience, every concert is measured against previous ones I have attended, the past informing the present, and while I bad concert can disappoint and leave me wondering if I should just live with my memories, a great one becomes hard to evaluate because I am overwhelmed by the nostalgia.

So the concert has inspired my inner fangirl to keep me from my bed, and though I will refrain from writing a detailed account of the evening, I am nevertheless impressed by my urge to do so. I used to always feel this was after concerts, but now, I can't remember the last time I felt like this. Oh, wait, actually, I totally can remember. It was Roddy Frame, London, September, 2001 when I stayed up writing every last embarrassing detail in my journal because no amount of jet lag would make me sleep and poor Fred had to deal with it then. And I suspect my giddiness and giggliness is much the same as it was then and, in truth, for much same reason. An acoustic show of songs you have loved since adolescence is good, but meeting the creator(s) of the aforementioned songs is even better.

But it is really late and no matter how much of a giddy teenager I am on the inside, I have to wake up in a few hours to take Julian to school.

But, yes, in case you had any doubts, it was awesome. Though I am not entirely sad to report that I failed to contain all the squeaking and giggling. It is good to be reminded that one's youth is still there, waiting to pop out to embarrass one every now and then.

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