Fairy Doors

I will admit that I am conflicted. I love the idea of Fairy Doors, so much so that within moments of learning of their existence I began to plan finding them in every home and business to which I have access and even a few to which I don't. But then, I worry about the ramifications of discovering conduits between the realms. I have read too many scary stories which suggest that such things are not to be trifled with. And I am not talking about spongy whipped cream gelatin layers here or sweet spritely creatures who mean us no harm merely because they are so very small. Who knows where these doors may lead? The tiny can be mighty and, at the very least, one may end up trading heads with a donkey for an evening or two.

Still it is really quite wonderful and I find myself wanting to travel to Ann Arbor to see these for myself.

Thank You Jonathan b. Wright for discovering them and Yarn Harlot for spreading the word.


boodafli said…
i'm a big fan of those sorts of things too. :) but where we differ, apparently, is that i'd go barrelling in, the ugly american tourist, instead of respecting the boundary.

but i lurve me some faries, is all.
Anonymous said…
be careful. be respectful.

small things break.
Anonymous said…

and fairies bite.

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