You Won't See Hugh Jackman In That Rock No Matter How Long You Stare At It

A new U.S. study that found three of four women would prefer a new plasma TV to a diamond necklace.

What the study goes on to say is that women chose the tv over a diamond solitaire necklace. Not a terribly sexy choice. I will bet you those numbers may be different if the necklace choice were different. How many women would pass this up?

From a purely economic standpoint, it makes more sense to go for the diamonds. Forget about the tv set, a necklace like that is comparable to real estate (which, as those close to me will tell you, is the gift I really want). Of course, if Fred decides he wants to buy me this necklace for Christmas, I won't argue with him, though I'd be perfectly happy if I received boots and shoes because one can never own too many shoes. (Yes, I am totally hinting at what I want for Christmas, even though we don't usually buy each other gifts at the holidays. But I really love those boots and those shoes. Please feel free to back me up in the comments section as Fred doesn't believe me when I explain to him that just because two pairs of shoes happen to be black and have heels they are not remotely similar. But I digress.)

Of course, with the temperatures reaching triple digits and the humidity levels causing my glasses to fog up, a tv set is a welcome companion these days.

What I am watching:

The Daily Show/The Colbert Report--of course I am. Who isn't watching it? The question is: will Joe Lieberman appear on Stephen's show before Tuesday?

The Closer
--If you have basic cable, watch this show. The acting is amazing and the writing intelligent. It is one of the few shows I have encountered where I find that I need to pay attention so I don't miss anything. I really wish more tv shows would follow its lead instead of underestimating the intelligence of its audience and/or relying on camera tricks, lighting effects, and musical montages to fill in the space between the commercials.

Life on Mars--This is a new show on BBC America. No one can do time travel like the Brits. It is interesting to realize how much we take for granted nowadays (from DNA evidence top police officers carrying guns--though I realize our American cops have been packing heat since, well, if you hear the NRA tell it, the Cenozoic Era.)

Monk--It's been on for ages and Tony Shalhoub has won awards and it is easy to assume that it is all hype. It isn't. Who knew that a guy who could be so sexy in Big Night could be so twitchy and neurotic? Of course, I find myself cringing at the obsessive compulsive behavior a lot, probably because it hits a little too close too home. The show that is on afterwards, Psyche, is pretty good too.

Project Runway
--The first season of Project Runway, I found myself disagreeing with the judges a lot (usually on the pieces they hated. A lot of the time, I would find myself thinking "that wasn't so bad" and wondering why some people got passes). Last season, I noticed myself agreeing with the judges more (although I thought the way they rejected Santino's collection because it was "too safe" showed they used different criteria for different designers). This season, I have agreed with them 100% on which pieces are the best and the worst. What is going on? It's like I have Stockholm Syndrome and Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are my captors.

It's a shame I can't knit these days because I am spending a lot of time on the couch.

Still, as good as the above shows are, they aren't on often enough. Apparently, VH1, Style, and, of course, E! feel that we the public want to see E!'s 101 Celebrity's With The Most Influential Publicists in heavy rotation while the rest of the networks are busy presenting increasingly humiliating reality shows. Add in the progressively disturbing news reports and suddenly that plasma screen tv doesn't look anywhere near as appealing as jewelry, does it? And, let's face it, plasma screen tvs just keep getting cheaper, whereas real estate, well, the market may be flat, but houses are not cheap.


Anonymous said…
*sigh* Stephen Colbert. Us non-cable-havers will just have to live vicariously through you.
Anonymous said…
Um, as much as it annoys me when people make blanket statements such as "I hate TV," I have to say, I really hate diamonds. I don't think they're prettier than any other shiny rock, they're a tool to objectify women, and their value is artificial.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I can't really comment on the rest of the post because I usually only watch DIY shows since most of my TV viewing is during the deadzone known as daytime.
Francesca said…
I'd have the necklace I suppose though I'm pretty tempted by the idea of cable. I could sell the necklace for a big tv and cable. Hmmm. At my parents' house for the wedding, I saw two episodes of Life on Mars and I'm totally hooked and long for cable now. Also Stephen Colbert and the Daily Show. But if I had cable, I'd watch a lot more tv, so maybe better that I don't.

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