Thousands of Words

There is a picture towards the end of the book The Rainbow Goblins where the goblins are drowning in the colors of the rainbow, colors which the flowers have sucked up and then released in their plot to save the rainbow from the evil goblins.

This is how my brain feels right now, awash in ideas which I can't formulate into sentences and which only serve to frustrate me. Like the goblins, I am strung up in knots of my own making and find myself choking on thoughts I had hoped to consume, unable to float on their surface. Unlike the goblins, I am able to take refuge in images.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I post the only photo I have of Julian breastfeeding. We took this photo in our bathroom, I had gotten out of the shower and Julian decided that bare breasts=nursing and latched on before I even knew what he was doing. I told Fred to take a picture. To be fair, he may have unlatched and shifted a bit while the photo was being taken (although, he has been known to nurse in bizarre positions, my own physical comfort and abilities be damned!)

As this is not the first time I am posting this photo on this blog, I am also including a recent picture of Julian which my uncle took during his visit last week.

Yes, his diet has expanded quite a bit beyond the breastmilk and avocado he was eating last summer.

I also include a photo of my post-pregnancy belly (July 2005) because I feel like doing a wee bit of bragging (notice I am not posting photos of my thighs or bum, either the pre or post-pregnancy vintages.)


Anonymous said…
I wish my stomach looked like that! I've got the flat thing happening but the stretch marks unfortunately make me look more like one of those sharpei dogs.

I hope you get lots of hits from the perfect post award!
karrie said…

I poked my eye out on your ribs.

Ok, I'm obviously green with purple stretchmarked, saggy envy. :)
Anonymous said…
Being a male, I have nothing to say about that photo except this:


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