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Which Backyardigan are you?

You got Uniqua, she is completely unique and outgoing, and she's also a tomboy, she enjoys singing and dancing with her friends
Take this

Fred and I are constantly telling people how much better children's television is today than it was when we were kids and we reference The Backyardigans in these conversations. I find myself singing bits of the songs throughout the day, even when Julian isn't around ("Tea, tea, tea, we'll have a perfect cup of tea, so lift your pinky, pip pip cheerio" for instance). I suspect I will be watching this show long after Julian grows out of it.


Judy said…
I'm Uniqua too. :)

I actually love the Backyardigans. I know, we don't have a TV, but we watch it like a drug in hotels, and I've spent a few weeks with my mom this year, and her TV is on 24/7.

I think there is definitely good kids TV out there. But for us, it's just easier not to have one. I detest all the commercialism (although we have a house full of Thomas the Tank Engine, and all of the cars from Cars), and I'm weak and have a hard time saying no. It's easier for me to not have the temptation.

I'm also a news junkie when I have TV available, and it does nothing good for me - just makes me think about all the doom and gloom.

I was actually singing a modified version of a Backyardigans song today. And Guthrie and I play Wonderpets on his swingset.

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