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As I have previously mentioned, I have a conflicted relationship with the tags--I am torn between "You like me, you really like me" and "ack! why me?" And I have done something very similar to this meme in the past. But as it is the last day of NaBloPoMo and two separate bloggers-Kind of Crunchy Mama and Secret Leaves-have tagged me, how can I refuse?

Seven Random Facts About Alimum

1) I trained to be a yoga instructor, but never felt my yoga skills were good enough to actually teach a class. I hate hate hate going to yoga classes where the teacher is less-proficient and knows less about yoga than I, and I didn't want to be one of those teachers myself. When I go to yoga, I want to be inspired and I want to learn something; I do not want to be thinking stuff like, "He really should take us into this asana gradually. Just going into the pose full out might cause an injury" or "No, that is not the way you do utthita trikonasana, you are going to wreck your knees."

2) My left food is slightly larger (about 1/4 inch) than my right foot. My left eye is slightly larger than my right eye (I think it is really noticeable, but no one else seems to notice, even when I point it out to them). My left breast is slightly larger (about 1/2 cup) than my right breast.

3) I skipped fifth grade.

4) I sleep in cashmere sweaters. A few years ago, I started noticing cashmere pajamas. Then I started noticing that there was a lot more cashmere in the thrift stores than there used to be (I have been meaning to write about that topic for awhile, but I digress). So now I have a bunch of cashmere sweaters which are too big, or have moth holes, or are the wrong color, but they are still cashmere and make for very comfy pajama tops.

5) I found my first gray hair when I was seventeen. As a result, I am not sympathetic when women my own age whine about going gray. Hair dye was invented for a reason. Also, since I have been going gray for almost half my life, I am surprised when other people notice my gray hair for the first time. I mean, yeah, I dye, but I don't touch it up regularly, so how could someone be friends with me for years and fail to notice that, if I held off on the dye jobs and invested in a case of Aqua Net, I could be the Bride of Frankenstein?

6) I don't wear much makeup, usually, but somehow I have managed to amass over fifty tubes of lipstick.

7) I had my first, and only, bite of a Twinkie when I was thirty years old. I had gone to a play about the assassination of Harvey Milk and the Twinkie Defense and, at the end, the theatre handed out Twinkies to the audience. Joel, who knew that I had never eaten a Twinkie in my life, offered me a dollar to take a bite of a Twinkie. I took a bite (and took his dollar). It was every bit as disgusting as I always imagined it would be (the Twinkie...I like money, so the dollar was not disgusting at all, though I probably should have held out for a fiver as Joel was that intent on seeing me eat a Twinkie.)

At this point, I think everyone has already done it, so I would just be retagging people. So,
if you haven't yet done this meme, consider yourself tagged.


thordora said…
twinkies WERE good. I don't know what they did to them.
I have a *big eye* too! S calls it my pirate eye. So not funny. It's not really noticable IRL, just some photos.

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