I was just over at Stuntmother's blog, where she discusses her plan to host Thanksgiving for both sets of parents, and the phrase "I do not read ahead in the knitting pattern of life" jumped out at me.

Me, I do not read ahead in the knitting patterns, period. Which is why I tend to design my own stuff and/or not take on any projects that I cannot intuitively grok--which is why I make ornate cable knit fisherman sweaters and lace, but dislike fair isle and rarely attempt to tackle it. When I knit at all, which hasn't been much lately, but I swear, I'll jump back on that horse eventually.

In life, I would consider myself to be a planner. But in life, as in knitting, I have limited myself so that I don't have to do much planning ahead. I don't plan menus for the week and I often have to force myself to make shopping lists before going to the store. Vacations, when we do them, get planned in short bursts of activity interjecting weeks (or months) of procrastination. We haven't had a party in years and holidays are at other people's houses. So, yeah, I'm not much of a planner, I just have constructed a life where my lack of planning is not a huge problem.

Except that Julian is getting older.

I am trying to plan Julian's birthday party-what sort of games to have, what sort of food to serve, what sort of cake to make-and it all seems pleasant enough because I haven't entirely accepted that it is real. I am blithely assuming that everything will work out without actually doing any of the actual work to insure that everything does work out.

I am in for a rude awakening very soon. Then I will be in freakout mode.

Suffice it to say, I am in awe of Stuntmother's hostessing abilities. Whether or not she reads ahead, she clearly is a lot more brave than I.


Scribbit said…
Interesting idea, I"m a planner too though I don't read my patterns ahead too far either :)

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