Those Dulcet Tones

I love the voices that give direction to our otherwise confused and meaningless travels.

Mind the gaffe: voice of Tube sacked for criticising network

I have often been accused of liking the sound of my own voice, but the truth is, I only like the sound of my own voice as amplified through the bones of my skull. I can't stand hearing tape recordings of myself. As cool as it would be to be the voice of public transportation, I would hope it would be in a city in which I did not live. Apparently, Emma Clarke has similar feelings and, for that, she was fired.
Ms Clarke responded angrily to Tube officials and The Mail on Sunday yesterday, claiming she had been "wildly misquoted" by the newspaper. "What I actually said was that travelling in a Tube train would be dreadful for me, listening to my own voice and seeing the haunted faces of commuters being subjected to me telling them to 'mind the gap'," she said.
Her spoof recordings are hilarious, by the way. Go hear the rest here or here.


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