"I Wish I Had My Camera So I Could Take A Picture For My Blog"

The very first thing I thought when I saw all my hair on the salon floor.

How much hair was there?

Yes, I am exaggerating. But only a little.

For more amazing images of The Trouble With Tribbles drawn in the style of Edward Gorey, go here.


Judy said…
So, when do we get a picture? And how much hair was there?

I'm totally salon-phobic after a bad experience. I went two years without so much as a trim.
Francesca said…
Seconded! Photo please! And I love the trouble with tribbles a la Gorey. lovely.
alimum said…
Unfortunately, I did not take a before picture, so the after picture will not be as dramatic.

The longest parts of my hair now extend to the middle of my back, whereas previously they were flirting with my hips. There are more layers around my face as well. The LEAST amount of hair removed was around 6 inches (from the longest layers). Most people would still consider this to be long hair, but man, I am suffering here, missing all the hair that has gone.

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