Music To Drink Tea By On A Chilly Fall Day

There was a time, when we had more time and fewer responsibilities, my friends and I would spend whole afternoons and evenings sitting in coffeehouses drinking warm beverages and talking. This was back before Starbucks had made its aggressive bid for world domination, so these were independent coffeehouses which offered bottomless cups of coffee (or endless refills of hot water) for $1.50 and the people who worked there often chose the music which oftentimes was music we would have chosen ourselves. When I briefly worked at an independent coffee house, I always played The Cocteau Twins. Just as there is music which sounds like summer, music which makes you want to run along a beach naked or drive too fast on an empty road with the convertible top down, wind whipping through your hair (two things I have never actually done, but which certain songs have made me desperately want to do...and the songs weren't even about doing those things), there is music that sounds like late fall and winter. The soundtrack for falling leaves and snow.

So while I should be running errands, taking advantage of this brief toddler free period (Julian is with my mom) to do things away from the house, I am sitting here with a cup of Earl Grey*, listening to songs I have heard a thousand times before.

*Alright, Aushra and Maria will immediately be crying foul when they read this. My dislike for Earl Grey tea (it tastes like perfume) is decades old. It is true, I am not really sitting here sipping Earl Grey tea (though I have softened my stance against it and I will drink it if it is the best option available). I am actually drinking Throat Coat. However, that doesn't sound nearly as good.


The Sundays are fall music for me.

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