I really hope not.

I really hope that most people who will have an influence determining the next Democratic nominee for president (all of you in Iowa) will come to your senses and NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON. Please, do not make the same mistake that was made in 2004, voting for someone you don't necessarily like because you think that person is the most "electable" (whatever that means, the fact that people are using this word in reference to Hillary Clinton, a person that Republicans have been plotting to defeat for fifteen years and for whom many independent voters and even dyed-in-wool Democrats have sworn they would not vote). PLEASE. I really do not want another four years of a Republican presidency. And neither do you (well, unless you are one of my Republican readers--Hi Bob and Lila--but then, I don't expect you to be voting in the Democratic primaries).

If you won't listen to me, just read this assessment of her post-debate performance in The National Review.


karrie said…
Yeah, she lost my vote. Initially, I was able to overlook some of our differences, but recently she's said many things I disagree strongly with.

And I so wanted a woman in the White House. Sigh.
Anonymous said…
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