Just In Time For Sweeps

There is a writer's strike going on.

Which means even more "reality" television. because, hey, you don't need talent, why pay writers and actors when there are enough people so desperate to be on television, they'll let you do things to them for free that most actors and writers would never allow even with a hefty paycheck? And if some of the stuff that happens "in reality" were to happen on a scripted show, chances are no one would believe people could be such sociopathic nutjobs.

It looks like I'll be watching a lot of DVDs for the next few months because it seems this strike is going to be a long one. If only the following were a real show. Sadly, however, it won't be making it onto any broadcast schedules as it actually seems to be respectful of women. And, as we all know from watching the various dating competition shows, misogyny is a ratings winner.


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