20+ Years Too Late

Forget happiness, the in-crowd is being moved to tears by a new wave of super cool misery clubs, which give visitors (with the help of a pile of chopped onions) the chance to weep away their woes

Misery clubs? Places which actually encourage their patrons to sob like babies? And they need to resort to chopped onions to get the desired effect?


Back in the day, bursting into tears at a club was par for the course, though we usually locked ourselves in a bathroom stall. Yes, that's right, it was once embarrassing to weep in public over adolescent heartache and betrayal and we didn't want people to see us. We all did it, but it was still a sign of weakness which we all sought to avoid displaying. Of course, everyone knew when you got that look on your face and ran off to a bathroom that the black mascara would soon be flowing freely, and since pain, anguish and drama have always been staples of the goth girl's social diet (though we didn't call ourselves goth back then), maybe it is for the best that crying has not only become acceptable, but desirable.

I still think the onions are cheating. I mean, people, if you are truly, exquisitely miserable, you don't need vegetables to make your cry, all you need is memories and the right music.

Pictures of You - The Cure

The place is called Loss and promises "an evening of exquisite misery." How perfect is that?


Oh memories. The cryer was always my step-sister. God it got old after awhile.
Jen said…
Just thinking about Pictures of You makes eyeliner run down my face even though I'm not wearing any. It's like some bizarre ex-goth stigmata.

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