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"For the last 75 years the BBC has relied on an extraordinary group of people who go into the world's trouble spots, often just as everyone else is getting out."--BBC deputy director general Mark Byford

BBC Reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped on March 12. I have been following his story since I first heard about it, over a month ago, but it only struck me this morning (as I was listening to coverage of the multi faith vigil in London) that I hadn't seen it reported in the American media, that if I didn't happen to leave Pilates class when WBEZ is broadcasting BBC Newshour, I might not know anything at all about his kidnapping. Then I thought about how you, my imaginary friends on the internet, might not know about this and thought I had to tell you. Of course, I forgot when Julian greeted me at the door of my parents' house, the immediacy of toddler-hood wiping my brain clean of thoughts and plans.

Thank goodness for Stuntmother who posted the online petition on her blog.

Alan Johnston banner

Alan Johnston was the only Western reporter based in Gaza. We need journalists to provide accurate, unbiased information. Without men like Alan Johnston, we would be susceptible to the manipulations of politicians, militias, terrorists, and everyone else who has an agenda which requires them to only present a portion of the facts (or, if necessary, to lie outright).

I hope he is alright and that he comes home.


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