My Soul Mate-The Cartoon Variety

For years, I have been compared to Lucy. Some of this was a result of having a younger brother who walked around sucking his thumb, dragging a blanket. some of this was a result of having dark hair. But, sadly, some of this was a result of having a somewhat crabby personality.

However, the truth is that Lucy is a little too sharp. Surely, I thought, there must be a cartoon character who more closely resembles me.

The other day, I was watching Arthur with Julian. Now, previous to this episode, I was always kindof irritated with DW. I mean, usually we see the show from Arthur's point of view and DW is the annoying younger sibling (as opposed to Kate who is still a baby). However, in this episode, DW is jealous of Kate and her parents dealt with it in completely the wrong way (unless, of course, you think the way to deal with sibling rivalry is to send the older kid to her room). I suddenly felt an affinity with DW. Maybe the reason she had always annoyed me is because we were so much alike. (She wears pink, I sometimes wear pink. She is smart and bossy, I am smart and bossy. She has a brother, I have a brother. See, we are practically twins!) When I mentioned this to Fred, he started to laugh because he had already made the connection. I asked how and he said (albeit with a huge smile on his face), "The little miss know-it-all thing." I'm so misunderstood!


Anonymous said…
I am so D.W. I love Arthur. My boys are getting so old that they don't think about watching it unless we do.

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