Finally, A Style Trend I Can Endorse

According to every fashion magazine and style section of the newspaper I have come across, the trend for spring and summer is dresses. Some of these style arbiters have gone so far as to say that denim is out. You knew it was only a matter of time. I mean, it is cruel for the same people who encourage baby mania to promote the wearing of jeans which would barely cover someone's cesarean scar. Something had to give. Most women (even celebrities) are not Heidi Klum (and really, is it any wonder she keeps getting pregnant? I mean, who among us wouldn't keep having babies if we knew that we would have our bodies back within weeks of giving birth?)

So, yay, dresses are back! Finally, a style trend which doesn't penalize me for having hips (because jeans really do nothing good for me. I mean, yes, they are practical, but they are designed for body types different from my own.) Finally, a style trend which doesn't involve me embarking on quests to find the impossible (i.e. a pair of jeans that look good on me). Finally, a style trend which I already am following.

Of course, this does mean I have to shave my legs. Assuming it ever warms up enough for me to ditch the opaque tights.


Judy said…
Well, I pay almost zero attention to style, and still have, and wear, clothes I've had for years and years. And to be honest, I spend entirely too much time in poorly-fitting tank tops, jeans, and a giant flannel shirt.

But lately I've been buying skirts and dresses, and even wearing them. Cute little strappy summery things (since it's summer here almost all year). And I'm really starting to like it.

So, dresses are I trend I can get down with too. Although not black, here - too hot.
Ugh. I've got a closet stuffed with dresses I haven't worn in years because I've either been pregnant or nursing. Everytime I see that Old Navy commercial saying dresses are in I get pissed!

BTW did you see that Drew Barrymore movie Music & Lyrics? It was truly awful, but she was wearing shorts with dark tights. I never thought that look would come back.

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