Abigail Breslin or Colin Firth?

Who is more famous?

This game is a time suck. I have no idea what criteria they are using to determine who the more famous person is in any given match up. I mean, yes, some are no brainers like Oprah vs. Anyone, but then others are not so easy. In some pairings, like Mary-Kate Olsen vs. Miranda Otto, they seem to be factoring in body of work and talent in the determination of famousness (because if we just went by number of trees killed to publish the pages of tabloid which has been taken up with her image, you would think MK would win, wouldn't you?) It looks easy, but then it isn't. And, of course, I am determined to win, even if it is some stupid game than means nothing in the whole scheme of things.

Try it out, if you have nothing else planned for the day.


Thanks a lot. I'm so sucked in.

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