"It's like putting up pictures of puppies."

The other day, I was talking to my brother, Jeff, and he mentioned how he tells everyone to read my blog. I said something about how it is just pictures of Julian these days, not anything really impressive or anything. He started to chortle and said that putting pictures of Julian on my blog is so clearly an act of cynicism to increase my blog traffic, that Julian is so cute that, of course, people who wouldn't care about my writing are tuning in to see the kid and, well, even if you do like my writing, you still probably like to see pictures of the boy even more. While I had not considered this, now that it has been mentioned, I will admit that I am not above using pron to get you to keep coming back. Seriously, if my family didn't occasionally read this and if I thought it would help, I would put naked pictures on this blog. I have no shame.

So, yeah, look at the cute little puppy.

Then he recommended his friend's blog. And I have been sucked in as it is one of the most brilliant, surreal, postmodern (in a good way) things I have encountered. My only complaint is he didn't actually create the other blog and all. Go and read it when you have the opportunity.

Oh, and I nominated some people for Blogger's Choice awards. Check out there blogs (here, here, here, and here) and then, if you like them, go and vote for them (and vote for me if you haven't already)

Come on, how can you say no to this face? (I offer this photo as further proof that D.W. and I are soul sisters, lest you had any doubts).


Judy said…
But you're both cuter than puppies!

And man does he look like you. Definitely a little DW in you, too.

I'm waiting for the naked pictures, though. You see what the picture of Anna Nicole did for your traffic, so imagine what that would do, right?

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