Blueberry Boy and Kitty Cat Waffles

I recently acquired this lovely waffle iron and we finally got around to trying it out this weekend. I used the standard waffle recipe in the Joy of Cooking, but replaced the all purpose flour with equal parts whole spelt flour, ground flax seed, and almond meal. We also used blueberries instead of maple syrup.

The waffles were good. Well, Fred and I thought so. Julian really was just interested in using the waffles as building blocks for his gigantic breakfast tower. There are times when the "engineer DNA" is so strong in him that I suspect he will not escape the fate which befell his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him. (He did eat the blueberries).

Of course, there are days like today, when he goes in to hug me and rubs his face on my sweater and says, "Oh, what is that you are wearing, Mommy?" and I am reminded that he has inherited a few design ideas from me as well.


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