The funniest part of Julian's birthday has been that he doesn't quite understand that it is only his birthday. This morning, when I wished him a happy birthday, he replied, "Happy birthday to you, Mom." As if "happy birthday" is the new, hip way of greeting someone.

I think, after the singing and the cake and the presents, he may be starting to understand. I overheard him saying that he "liked this birthday stuff" and then, later, he told my mom that he wants the firehouse which matches the fire truck he got today (the manufacturers kindly put pictures of it all over the box, as a public service, I'm sure) for Thanksgiving and he wants Santa to bring it to him. Um, yeah, that isn't quite how it works, little guy. Of course, given the way this week is shaping up, I'm not sure he will understand this anytime soon. Today was just a party for the family. Tomorrow, all his friends from school will be coming over for pizza and cupcakes. And then there will be Thanksgiving in a few days (where he will see out of town relatives and friends who will, most likely, wish him a belated birthday). He may well think that birthdays are supposed to last a week. I hope we haven't created a monster.


Anonymous said…
Ack! We have the same birthday/holiday problem. My soon-to-be-six-yer-old's birthday is December 26. This year, I'm pushing her "friend" party into January . . . .

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