All Manner Of Pleasures Have Become An Unlikely Obsession AKA Day Ten

At some point they must have realized
We all had too much stuff
We were crushed under the weight of our
Consumption, buried beneath our
Well curated collections, suffering as our
Closets closed around us.
They started selling us
"Experiences" and called it
"Self-care." They reached deep
Into our psyches, sifted through
Our boring fears, told us that
We "deserved" the best, we could
Spa away despair and stress. They also dreamt up
"Wellness" and gave old diets new names.
Peddled supplements to cure disease, promised
"Detoxing" all impurities would mean we'd never age. We're
Managing this brave new world which
Profits from our pain, accepting every avenue offering
Escape so we can forget how much has changed


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