Once you eliminate the interruptions, your brain will reach a calmer state in about 15 minutes AKA Day Eighteen

It's so easy to get sucked in
Our weaknesses are so easy to
Exploit and society has us
Programmed to respond in
Predictable ways. Anyone who
Insists they are immune is
Really just announcing they
Require different stimuli, but
Once they swallow the bait they
Won't even feel the hook. The
Biggest mistake we all make is
Assuming Dunning Kruger, like
Hell, is other people, not us
No we are too smart and
Likeable, we are the ones with
Wisdom and charm, we can't be
Manipulated by flattery and attention,
Not like everyone else. It's reassuring
To find other who understand. Who
Think about these things in the same way.
You can always trust them, right?


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