At a time when authenticity is prized photography would seem to be the perfect truth AKA Day Nineteen

What's realer than real? Is there
Even such a thing as truth anymore?
Or are we just all prisms made of
Water filtered through our beliefs?
You say "Up" and soon that is the
Only direction and gravity is just
Another opinion over which we
Agree to disagree. When even the
Nucleus of an atom can be
Broken into pieces, how can mere
Facts withstand sustained
Barrage? Sure we all can
Feel the fallout and the invisible
Damage being done to our psyches
Is not unknown, it's there for
All to see, but we cannot put the
Genie back in the bottle, we all
Want a little bit of the magic when
The sparkle works for us, then it's just a
Tiny enhancement, it hardly counts at all
It's only fake when it refuses to conform
To our own version of reality


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