Uncanny interactions occur across time, making startling connections. Enter a new dimension. AKA Day Twenty

When that star shot across the
Sky, what did the dinosaurs think?
Did it catch them unawares or did
Their technology give them fair warning?
Could they see their ends in computer models
Replicating the event and its aftermath
Or did the winter take them by surprise?
Perhaps the believed their
Gods would save them or
Called the meteor and
Subsequent fallout a
Punishment from the heavens for
Sins now forgotten
Or maybe they thought their
Science would save them. They had lived
So many millions of years at that point
Surely they would survive this.
At least they had lived so long
They would leave something behind
To let those who came after know
Who they were and what they had achieved
But civilization is surprisingly
Fragile. After 35 million years
Even the plastic breaks down.


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