Somewhere Nowhere Nature is Space Place is symbolic Place is space imbued with human meaning. It comes and goes. It is not something fixed. It's precisely an endless kind of art

Somewhere Nowhere that's where
I'll be. Waiting to relive a
Dream or, perhaps, a memory.
You'll recognize me if you
Try, I won't wear a
Disguise. My aura will
Span the spectrum, you
Won't even need to use
Your eyes. I'll tell you
Everything you know
Even things that you forgot
We'll expand beyond
Infinity, we'll contract
Into the smallest dot of
Matter at the heart of a
Black hole from which nothing can escape
Forever waits behind the curtain, if you pull aside the
Drape you'll see it, though, be warned, it's so much
Bigger than your brain can comprehend, so ask yourself
Is Nirvana worth the pain?


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