consider the enterprise of witnessing and culpability invasive surveillance our place in the world Which Side Are You On? AKA Day Thirteen

We're always so careful to
  Lower the blinds, pull the curtains
  Shut the door, duck behind a screen
So private we are, so concerned by what
Others may see if we fail to be
Vigilant. Yet we disrobe online
Invite intrusive prying eyes
With every click and like and
Every quiz which promises
To match our answers to some
Passing fad of pop culture-just
Give them access, it's nothing really,
Why be shy? After all,
Your data is already out there
For everyone to see. Aren't you
Curious what you'll look like when you're old or
Whic F*R*I*E*N*D you might be?
Come on, baby, this quiz will tell you who you really are
Like Myers Briggs or Astrology, but faster and you can
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