Round and Round The Corpses Go As The Carousel Continues To Spin AKA Day Nine

Textured technicolor surfaces
Lit up with fairy lights and
Flashes lures you deeper
Away from safety. Just another
Step, just a few more minutes, for
Outside this hallucinatory jungle
Exists the cold gray world. Of course
You do not want to leave
This place was created to
Pleasure you, it wants you to
Forget your worries, it sings
To a spot inside you which
Perhaps you'd call your soul.
It offers calm and safety
All you have to do is tell
Your secret details, one's you hardly know are there
First pet, your favorite aunt, mother's maiden name
Favorite food, religious views, isn't this a fun game?
You can stay forever, you'll never miss what's gone
Until you wake up, but by then it will be
Too late to right the wrong


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