we exist in environments at much larger scales than we experience in our daily lives AKA Day Twelve

The trees must find us so
Exhausting, so filled with
Expectations of immediate
Gratification. So noisy we
Never learn to hear with
Anything but our ears. So small
We never really succeed at
Living in the world we
Conquered. Sure, there are
Things we think the trees don't know
Oceans, Space, Quantum Physics
But that assumes the trees
Depend on movement and sound
To gather information. What if
The sun communicates directly using light? What if
Chlorophyll acts as translator? What if
The universe's secrets are embedded in the rings?
Maybe every wildfire is a catastrophe of
Alexandrian proportions, deleting all the
Celestial knowledge saved in terrestrial bands. Or
Maybe the trees descended from those who
Survived mass extinction events inherited
Some knowledge of survival. What memories
Do they have of the dinosaurs before they became birds?


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