The Smarter Way To Travel Around The World AKA Day Six

What if we all could fly, but
Never quite conquered our
Fear of heights? Or, though we may
Find ourselves weightless
Gravity still remains the law and that
Knowledge, like time and falling stars, only
Flows in one direction. Back when
We were children, I didn't really
Consider the danger inherent in
Recess, the jungle gyms and concrete
Surfaces, the balancing on narrow beams and
Jumping across chasms. In comparison to
All these potential mishaps the
Cantilever fire escape we used to
Exit the school was mundane.
My best friend from that time
Speaks of the terror she felt
Walking out into the air
Waiting for her mass to make the stairs descend
Whereas I only felt excitement and
Anticipation for the slow drop
The adults in my life had not yet
Given me any reason to
Question their judgment or want to run away
The sky was a safe place then and it would be
Years before I came to understand


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